Amy Cook offers a full range of Test Prep options.



Full day (5-6 hour) SAT Seminars give students all the tools and information they need to meet their goals for the SAT in a fast paced, interactive format. commonly asked questions and misconceptions about the testing and application process. 

Students will enjoy video clips, popular music, a game show style review, and even a live Instagram feed (at select events) featuring important slides and an opportunity to comment and ask questions.

Seminars may be booked on weekends or during a school day.  Seminars also offer sponsorship opportunities for organizations or businesses.  Sponsorship can be used for fundraising, an opportunity to lower the cost for individual students, or to provide extra perks or services such as lunch or additional topics and materials. Outside of optional sponsorship there is no cost to host a seminar.

Other available seminars include Road to College (1-2 hours), ACT (all day or as a 1 hour add on to SAT), and College Application Primer (2 hours). Custom or combo packages may also be available.

email for more info or to book your seminar.



Private tutoring offers the most individualized and flexible content and teaching style. During one on one sessions in the comfortable, relaxed environment of her home office, Amy Cook can assess and adjust to each student's individual learning style and test prep needs. Students receive guidance in setting goals, choosing colleges, testing choices and options, and more. Private tutoring students can prepare for multiple tests including SAT, PSAT, ACT, and even TSI simultaneously.

Most students choose to attend private tutoring twice a week for one hour each session. Generally, private tutoring requires 16-20 hours to cover all the material for the SAT, PSAT, and/or ACT. Many students choose to continue their sessions in order to receive coaching through practice tests or to address specific areas of weakness.

Private Tutoring is available from 8am-7pm Monday-Thursday.  Occasionally, sessions outside normal tutoring hours or location may be available at higher rates.

email, call or text for availability