I am always looking for new ways to meet the needs of students and parents in all aspects of writing, testing, and college application. If you want a service, class, or seminar I don’t currently offer, please email me with your ideas.
— Amy Cook

Private Tutoring- One on one tutoring in a relaxed, home setting.  Test prep is available for SAT, ACT, PSAT, and TSI. Subject specific tutoring is available for math from basic algebra skills through Algebra 2, all level reading and writing, and study/organizational skills. 

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Photo by sturti/iStock / Getty Images
Photo by sturti/iStock / Getty Images

Study Groups- Study groups consist of 3-6 students in the same subject with similar classwork. I guide and help the group with questions and explain concepts as needed regarding homework, missed test questions, or test review. Groups can meet 1-3 times a week. Pricing and scheduling depends on group size, frequency and availability. 


College Application Coordination

  • How do I fill out applications?
  • Do I need a new app for each college?
  • What essays should I write? How?
  • Do I need a resume?
  • Where do I list achievements and awards?

Get guidance on all these questions and through the entire application process. Services range from education on the basics of the process with check-ins as needed to supervision and assistance with each form and keystroke. You decide which approach is right for you.

Application services generally include help with ApplyTexas, CommonApp, & Web based apps; essay planning, revision, and submission; resume formatting and/or electronic submission; forms and checklists; timelines, and more.

Private tutoring rates of $150/hr apply (5% processing fee for credit card or online payments)

The Road to College mini-seminar offers students an overview of the steps and process necessary to prepare for College Application at every stage of High School from grade 9 through graduation. In just one hour, attendees receive the big picture and overall timeline of optimal college prep and application.

This seminar offers any group or organization an opportunity to host a concise, information rich presentation. PTA's, Booster Clubs, Junior League, Youth Groups, or any other group or organization can help students and parents prepare for and execute the College Application Process.

Amy Cook presents this mini-seminar at no charge in the Midland, TX area. Travel fees may apply outside the Midland area.

Contact Amy for details or to schedule.

Help on Essays, Summer Reading, Writing Projects, and more

Keep up with assignments and projects over the summer and during the school year with one on one guidance and coaching. Weekly or drop in sessions over the summer take some of the pain out of the process for both parents and students.

Essay revision can be done via email when face to face sessions are not available. Emailed revisions can be pro-rated by the minute.

Private tutoring rates of $150/hr apply- $50 minimum per 14 day period (5% processing fee for credit card or online payments)




College App Power Hour- A 1 hour mini-seminar designed for 11th and 12th graders and their parents. Attendees receive all the information they need to successfully plan and execute a successful college application game plan. Topics include SAT and ACT testing, automatic and assured admissions, timelines, essay writing, resumes, and follow up.